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황기환 애국지사 추모를 위한 헌화소 운영

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황기환 애국지사의 유해가 4.9.(일) 한국으로 봉환될 예정입니다. 이와 관련, 황기환 지사 추모를 위한 헌화소를 아래와 같이 운영할 계획이니 추모를 원하시는 분들께서는 자유롭게 방문하여 주시기 바랍니다.

The remains of Patriot Hwang Ki-hwan are scheduled to be returned to Korea on April 9th (Sunday). In relation to this, a dedication station for the commemoration of Patriot Hwang Ki-hwan will be operated as follows, and those who wish to pay their respects are welcome to visit freely.

Operation of a Dedication Station for the Commemoration of Patriot Hwang Ki-hwan

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