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Culture Heritage Visit Campaign: “Incheon Airport Traveler Center”

「‘문화유산 방문 캠페인’ 인천공항 여행자센터」

The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), headed by Choi Eung-cheon, held an opening ceremony for the “Cultural Heritage Visit Campaign Incheon Airport Tourist Center” in collaboration with Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), led by Kim Kyung-wook, on March 10th at the Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Transportation Center, and it has been in operation.

문화재청(청장 최응천)은 인천국제공항공사(사장 김경욱)와 함께 지난 3월 10일 인천국제공항 제1터미널 교통센터에서 「‘문화유산 방문 캠페인’ 인천공항 여행자센터」 개관식을 개최하고, 상시 운영을 시작하였다. 

Since 2008, the two organizations that have been working together on various cultural heritage projects have expressed their desire for a dedicated space to promote cultural heritage. As a result, they have jointly opened a traveler’s center at Incheon International Airport, Korea’s representative gateway, with the airport corporation providing the space and facilities, and the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea (Director Choi Young-chang) taking charge of the planning, space design, and operation of the traveler’s center.

지난 2008년부터 다양한 문화유산 관련 사업을 함께 진행해온 양 기관이 문화유산 홍보를 위한 전용공간이 필요하다는 데 뜻을 모으면서 이번에한국의 대표 관문인 인천공항 내에 여행자센터를 같이 개관하게 된 것으로, 공항공사는 공간 및 시설 사용을 제공하고, 한국문화재재단(이사장 최영창)은여행자센터의 기획 · 공간 조성 · 운영을 맡았다.

(출처: 문화재청)


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