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Shin Light Air Dried Ramen Family Pack – Korea

‘Shin Ramyun Dried Noodle’ is a product that allows you to enjoy the taste of Shin Ramyun more neatly by using dry non-fried noodles.

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‘신라면건면’은 튀기지 않은 건면을 사용하여, 신라면의 맛을 더욱 깔끔하게 즐길 수 있는 제품이다.

  1. Spicy, refreshing soup taste
  2. Non-frying: It’s chewy like freshly picked noodles! Plump!
  3. Vegetable seasoning oil: The taste, aroma, and harmony of the soup are all at once!

“Honey, how about ramen?”
“Ramen? At this time? I’m on a diet?”

To these people, ‘Shin Ramyun Dried Noodles!’

Delicious and clean Shin Ramyun dried noodles!

(source: nongshim)


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