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Shin Black – The Upgraded King!

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Once upon a time, there was a king called Shin Ramyun that made the world cry and sweat like rain with its unique Korean spicy beef broth. Shin Ramyun’s reign continues but the king presented a new upgraded version of itself: cloaked in powerful-looking black robe, Shin Black’s era has arrived!

Shin Black’s broth is created by combining two packs of soup base to add greater depth to the original Shin Ramyun broth. If Shin Ramyun has the flavor of peppery beef soup, then Shin Black has the flavor of “seolleongtang seasoned with dadaegi.”

“Seolleongtang,” or ox bone soup, is one of Korea’s representative traditional dish that requires tremendous amount of time and devotion to make. It takes several days and constant watch to make sure the deep ox bone flavors to adequately melt into the boiling water (the process is similar to how Japanese-style tonkotsu, or pork bone, broth is made). “Dadaegi” is a kind of spicy seasoning made by crushing red pepper, garlic, scallion, ginger, sugar, and so forth together (the name is derived from the Japanese word “tataki” meaning “to knock or beat”).  

Though an instant ramen product, Nongshim ambitiously attempts to reproduce the high-quality flavor of seolleongtang and dadaegi through two soup bases inside Shin Black. Its flakes – dried vegetables and meat – is also twice more as that of original Shin Ramyun. Surely, the king of Korean ramen has become even more powerful and generous!

Shin Black’s reign has been proved successful even in the international realm as on June 2020, New York Times crowned Shin Black as No. 1 among the eleven world’s most delicious ramen!

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