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Taste the nostalgic savor of Korea, the deep, soothing flavor of “Sesame” melted into hot ramen – Korea

Ottogi Sesame Flavor Ramen

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It’s spicy and spicy. Egg blocks and sesame seeds are intact, so you can see differentiated ingredients. Sesame ramen was first released as a bag of noodles in November 1994. In March 1995, the sale of container noodles began. However, shortly afterward, bag ramen was discontinued and the only container ramen remained intact, and in 2012, it was relaunched.

If you look at the product name, it looks like ramen that emphasizes only savory taste and doesn’t seem to be very spicy, but it is no less than another spicy ramen. The spicy taste and sharpness are similar to that of Shin Ramyun. Sesame cup ramen was once ranked in 3rd place, which is the preferred cup noodle for college students. Thanks to the popularity of container noodles, bag noodles have been revived and are receiving favorable responses until now.

  • Ottogi Sesame Flavor Ramen
  • 1 Single pack = 115g
  • 1 Family pack = 5 single packs = 1Lb 4.28oz (575g)
  • 1 Case = 8 family packs = 163.84oz (4.6kg)
  • K-Food, Korean Brand
  • UPC: 645175525196
  • 오뚜기 참깨라면 패밀리팩
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고소하면서도 얼큰하다. 계란블럭과 참깨가 그대로 들어있어 차별화된 건더기를 볼 수 있다. 참깨라면은 1994년 11월 봉지면으로 최초 출시되었다. 1995년 3월에는 용기면의 판매가 시작되었다. 하지만 얼마 못 가 봉지면은 단종되었고 용기면만이 명맥을 유지하다가 2012년에 봉지면이 재출시되었다.

제품명만 보면 고소한 맛만을 강조한 라면 같고 별로 맵지 않을 것 같지만, 다른 매운 라면 못지 않다. 매운 맛과 칼칼함은 신라면과 비슷한 수준이다. 참깨 컵라면은 한때 대학생이 선호하는 컵라면 3위에 오르기도 했다. 용기면의 인기 덕분에 봉지면이 부활해 지금까지 호응을 받고 있다.

Ottogi Sesame Flavor Noodle Bowl

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