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서울시 ‘서울 스마트도시 상’ 우수 사례 공모 ‘Seoul Smart City Award’ Excellence Case Contest

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서울시는 미래 스마트도시 비전을 제시하고 전 세계 확산을 도모하기 위해 올해 제1회 ”서울 스마트도시 상’ 시상을 추진하고 있습니다.

공모기간은 2023년 3월 1일부터 5월 31일까지 홈페이지(를 통해 지원서를 접수하실 수 있습니다. 자세한 가이드라인과 신청서는 붙임 파일을 참고해 주십시오.

The Seoul Smart City Prize 2023

Established in 2010 by 50 founding cities, the World Smart ustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) was established to promote e-government and to foster the smart city knowledge exchange etween
cities around the world. WeGO continues to serve as a leader in ccelerating digital transformation and over the past decade, WeGO has facilitated world-wide transformation of cities into smart and
sustainable cities.

Responding to the evolving landscape of global smart city trends and WeGO’s focus on bringing people centered smart city development to achieve inclusive growth, in partnership with the President City of WeGO, Seoul, WeGO presents the Seoul Smart City Prize; the transformation of the existing WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards. WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards was established in 2011 to recognize outstanding e-government practices of local governments around the world.

The Seoul Smart City Prize is designed to promote an innovative yet inclusive smart city model that looks after underprivileged groups in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is driven by information and communication technology. This core mission serves as the basis of the two categories of the Prize, Tech-InnovaCity and Human-CentriCity, as WeGO and Seoul envisions that smart cities should be defined and measured in terms of being both people-centric and

WeGO’s President City, Seoul, has been continuously advancing digitization in the context of inclusion and accessibility for its citizens. These efforts have led Seoul to be recognized worldwide as one of
the leading cities that has successfully implemented digital ransformation in public services. It has ranked top for seven consecutive years in municipal e-governance on the Rutgers SPAA Global E-Governance Survey since 2003. The public metaverse platform ‘Metaverse Seoul,’ which provides administrative services in all sectors of city governance across space and time, has been selected as one of the 200 Best Inventions of 2022 by TIME magazine.

Sharing the vision of the people-centered smart city, WeGO and Seoul deliver our commitment to create an agenda that promotes the global efforts in building inclusive and citizen-centric cities. Being cognizant of the importance of an innovative yet inclusive smart city model that looks after underprivileged groups, WeGO and Seoul Metropolitan Government pursue cooperation with cities, companies, and institutions around the world to find exemplary cases and commend them through the Seoul Smart City Prize. We are committed to promoting and ensuring an inclusive digitalization of public services that benefit all people in sectors ranging from mobility, safety, welfare, environment, energy, culture, and governance.

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