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Korean Gomtang – A bowl that reminds me of a lucky day – Korea

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Samyang Korean Gomtang

This is Samyang Food’s ‘Korean Gomtangmyeon’, which appeared as a competitor of ‘Sarigomtangmyeon’ which Nongshim monopolized. It is “a bowl that reminds me of a lucky day.” The visuals are similar to Nongshim’s Sarigomtangmyeon, but the Korean Gomtangmyeon is closer to the taste of Gomtang, which is eaten at commercial restaurants. The soup is really awesome!

  • Samyang Korean Gomtang
  • 1 Single pack = 3.88oz (110g)
  • 1 Family pack = 5 single packs = 19.4oz (550g)
  • 1 Case = 4 family packs = 77.6oz (2.20kg)
  • K-Food, Korean Brand
  • UPC: 8801073142145
  • 삼양 한국곰탕면 패밀리팩
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농심이 독점했던 ‘사리곰탕면’ 경쟁자로 등장한 삼양식품의 ‘한국곰탕면’이다. “운수 좋은 날에 생각나는 한 그릇”이다. 비주얼은 농심 사리곰탕면과 비슷하지만, 한국곰탕면이 시중 식당에서 먹는 곰탕맛에 더 가깝다. 국물은 정말 끝내준다!


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