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Red Chef Green Tom Yum Soup Noodles Family pack – Malaysia

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Thai ‘Tom Yum Kung’ is one of the world’s top three soup dishes, along with Chinese shark spin and French bouillabaisse. Tom (ต้ม) means to boil, yum (ยำ) means a type of Thai salad, and kung (กุ้ง) means shrimp. The spicy and coolness that comes with the sour taste of the shrimp is excellent. Once tasted, it’s so intense that it won’t be forgotten, so you’ll often find it.

Mint, coriander (cilantro), lemongrass, lime leaves and other spices are added to give a strong scent. It also has a savory and rich taste using coconut milk. Among spices, cilantro, called’coriander’, is notorious enough to lose its scent. Some people feel the smell of cosmetics at first. It is said that if you cannot adapt to your first experience, you will not be able to eat it for a lifetime. In Chinese, it is called’Xiangcai’, and the Chinese love it enough to put it in almost any food.

Red Chef’s ‘Tom Yum Ramen’ reproduced the taste of Tom Yum Kung Soup. Put 2 sauces in a bowl, boil the noodles separately, and then pour them into a bowl with sauce to eat. The taste is very good.

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