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[Poem] When it was vicious ruined

몹쓸 망한 때 – 정우
When it was vicious ruined

  • 그땐 미움이 미움인지 몰라
    At that time, I don’t know if hate is hate
  • 증오로의 전이를 감지 못했어
    I didn’t sense the transition to hate
  • 어느 땐
    At some point
  • 사랑이 사랑인 줄 몰라
    I don’t know that love is love
  • 로맨스를 놓치고
    miss the romance
  • 기쁨이 기쁨인 줄 몰라 흥분만을
    I do not know that joy is joy, only excitement
  • 버드나무처럼 키웠지
    Raised it like a willow tree
  • 싫은데 싫음인 줄 몰라서
    I didn’t like it, but I didn’t know it was something I didn’t like,
  • 쓴맛을 끌어안아 되새김질만 했고
    so I embraced the bitter taste and just chewed the cud
  • 그리고
  • 정말 행복했는데 행복인지 몰라
    I was really happy, but I don’t know if I’m happy
  • 행복면역결핍으로
    due to lack of happiness immunity
  • 불행의 때에 쓰러졌어
    I fell in a time of misery
  • 맘껏 누리지 못한 것들의 안타까운
    The pity of things I didn’t enjoy to my heart’s content
  • 날들이 꿈결처럼 그리게 돼
    I miss the days like a dream
  • 5월 어느 날엔가
    Some day in May
  • 행복할 때 행복을
    happiness when I’m happy
  • 꼭 보듬아 살아야겠어
    I’ll hug it tight and live
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