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LA한인회, 정신적 피해 호소 한인 피격 사건 관련 커뮤니티 브리핑을 강력히 요구하는 편지 발송

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Los Angeles — 지난 5월 2일, 한인타운에 정신적 어려움으로 도움을 요청한 한인이, 출동한 경찰의 총격으로 사망하는 안타까운 사건이 일어났습니다.

LA한인회에서는 사건 직후 긴급 성명서를 통해  피해자와 유가족에 위로를 전하고 사건 관련 철저한 수사를 촉구하였습니다.

당시 정황을 설명하는 일부 뉴스가 나오고는 있지만, 그 어떤 정황도 피해자가 숨지게 할 상황에 이를 만큼 상세히 나온 내용은 없는 상황입니다. LA한인회에서는 이번 사건 관련 한인 사회의 심각한 우려와 신속한 처리를 촉구하기 위해, 한인단체들과 함께

  • 1) 사건 관련 철저한 수사
  • 2) 현장 바디캠 공개
  • 3) 사건 관련 커뮤니티 브리핑을 강력히 요구하는 편지를

Karen Bass LA시장, 한인타운이 속한 2지구 Holly J. Mitchell 수퍼바이저, 사건이 발생한 LA시 13지구 Hugo Soto-Martinez시의원,그리고 LAPD Dominic Choi 경찰국장에게 발송하였습니다.

May 6, 2024

  • The Honorable Karen Bass Mayor, City of Los Angeles
  • The Honorable Holly J. Mitchell Supervisor, LA County District 2
  • The Honorable Hugo Soto-Martínez Councilmember, LA City Council District 13
  • The Honorable Dominic H. Choi Chief, Los Angeles Police Department

RE: Call for Transparent Investigation of Fatal Shooting in Koreatown

Dear Mayor Bass, Supervisor Mitchell, Councilmember Soto-Martínez, and Chief

We, the undersigned organizations that represent the Koreatown and Korean American
communities of Los Angeles, write to express our grave concerns over the recent fatal
shooting of Mr. Yong Yang by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). We
respectfully request your leadership in obtaining a prompt, transparent, and very
thorough investigation of the incident over a mental health call that occurred at the 400
block of South Gramercy Place in Koreatown, Los Angeles on May 2, 2024.

Collectively, we seek answers as to what transpired to warrant the shooting and request
the following:

  • An immediate, detailed investigation involving the LAPD and the Psychiatric Mobile Response Team (PMRT) of the LA County Department of Mental Health (DMH);
  • Transparency with the entire investigative process such as timeline, body cam footage released to the public, every recourse in dealing with the incident, etc.; and
  • A community briefing hosted by the LAPD to share investigation outcomes and
  • collaboratively discuss how we can avoid similar incidents.

We would greatly appreciate your prompt attention and ask for your support as we
grieve the loss of human life and move forward as a community.


  • James An, President
    Korean American Federation of Los Angeles (KAFLA)
  • Johng Ho Song, Executive Director
    Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC)
  • Alexandra Suh, Executive Director
    Koreatown Immigrants Workers Alliance (KIWA)
  • Peter H. Kim, President
    Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (KACCLA)
  • Eunice H. Song, Executive Director
    Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KAC)
  • Rosa Chang, M.Ed, Executive Director
    Korean American Special Education Center (KASEC)
  • Sarah Park, President
    Hwarang Youth Foundation
  • Isaac Kim, Executive Director
    Korean Resource Center (KRC)
  • Peter Cha, Chairman
    California Korean Construction Association
  • Dr. Yongtae Lee, President
    The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council, LA Chapter
  • Won S. Myung, President
    Pacific American Volunteer Association (PAVA World)
  • Chester Kim, President
    Heritage of Korean Independence
  • Masog Sang, President
    Korean American Christian Coalition
  • Yungmi Yi, President
    Education for Korean American Youth
  • Elizabeth Eum, President
    Asian American Job Training Center
  • Rev. Young Bong Choe, President
    The Council of Korean Churches in Southern California
  • Carol Lee, President
    3.1 Women’s Association in USA
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