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Nongshim did it again! Taste the Magic of Fresh Instant Udon at Your Home~ Korea

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Nongshim Saeng Saeng Udon (single pack)

The soup is awesome!
It is a famous advertisement copy that made the present Saeng Saeng Udon.

Saeng Saeng Udon is made with brewed soy sauce as a base, and the rich natural flavor of bonito extract and anchovy concentrate is excellent. Saeng Saeng Udon contains ingredients such as tempura, oden, green onion, and katsuo flakes, so you can enjoy the unique taste of udon that is light and clean. It is the best udon noodles made with raw noodles that are not fried in oil, and a light and clean soup seasoned with bonito and anchovies.

The highlight of Saeng Saeng Udon was first released in 1995 as a TV commercial, and the delicious copy of ‘The soup is awesome!’ has gained great popularity across the country. With this advertisement, Kim Hyun-ju, who was an unknown talent at the time, was able to grow into a big star and gave birth to a real scene where ‘The soup is awesome!’ in various show programs.

  • Nongshim Saeng Saeng Udon
  • 1 Bag = 9.73oz (276g)
  • 1 Case = 20 bags = 194.6oz (12.17Lbs) 5.520kg
  • K-Food, Korean Brand
  • UPC: 031146157334
  • 농심생생우동 싱글팩
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생생우동, 국물이 끝내줘요! 지금의 생생우동(Saeng Saeng Udon)이 있게 한 유명한 광고카피다.

생생우동은 양조간장을 베이스로 가다랑어 액기스와 멸치 농축액이 빚어내는 천연의 깊은 맛이 일품이다. 생생우동은 튀김, 오뎅, 파, 가쓰오 후레이크 등의 건더기가 들어있어 담백하고 깔끔한 우동 고유의 맛을 즐길 수 있는 있다. 기름에 튀기지 않은 생면으로 만든 우동면발과 가다랑어, 멸치 등으로 맛을 낸 담백하고 깔끔한 국물이 잘 어우러진 최고의 우동이다.

생생우동의 백미는 TV광고로서 1995년 처음 출시되어 `국물이 끝내줘요’라는 맛깔스런 카피가 전국에 선풍적인 큰 인기를 모았다. 이 광고로 당시 무명 탈랜트였던 김현주는 일약 빅스타로 발돋움할 수 있었으며 각종 쇼프로그램에서 ‘국물이 끝내줘요’가 패러디 되는 진풍경을 낳았다.

Nongshim Tempura Udon Small Size (cup)

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– Tempura Udon Small Size 1 Case (6 cups) 15.84oz
  • Nongshim Tempura Udon Flavor Noodle Soup (Small Cup)
  • 1 Cup = 2.64oz (75g)
  • 1 Case = 6 cups = 15.8oz (450g)
  • K-Food, Korean Brand
  • UPC: 031146035779
  • 농심 튀김우동 작은컵

Nongshim Veggie Tempura Udon (Bowl)

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  • Nongshim Veggie Tempura Udon Premium Noodle Soup
  •  1 Bowl = 10.51oz (298g)
  • 1 Case = 5 bowls = 52.5oz (3.28Lbs) = 1.49kg
  • K-Food, Korean Brand
  • UPC: 031146054558
  • 농심 생생우동 야채튀김 큰사발
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