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NONGSHIM K-Army Stew Style Family Pack – Korea

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Budae Jjigae Noodle Soup flavored with beef bone broth!
The premium Budae jjigae ramen, which contains the flavor and richness of Budae-jjigae, is popular.

Beef bone broth A stew made by adding a rich soup, sausage, fish cake, kimchi, green onion, and red pepper. It is a representative Korean dish popular with Westerners as well. It is known that it was eaten with stew with pressed ham, sausage, etc., brought in through the US military during the food crisis immediately after the Korean War.

It is a unique dish that clearly retains the identity of Korean cuisine, called spicy stew, in a form of fusion of ingredients that are unlikely to match at all, such as canned ham, sausage, and cheese from the US military base, and Korean kimchi. It has become a symbol of modern history. It can be said that it is Korea’s first East and West fusion cuisine.

Budaejjigae’s English name is ‘Budaejjigae’, but it is also called ‘Army base stew’ in foreign countries. However, all of these names are difficult, and as indicated in the title of the article, I will call it “K-Buchi”.

An interesting story is told. In the Lonely Planet Korea side,’K-Buchi’ was once considered the best dish. At that time, a Korean food promotion manager even asked the editor of Lonely Planet to delete it, saying, “It is a dish that reminds us of difficult times in Korea.” ‘K-Buchi’ is food that Koreans, especially the elderly who experienced immediately after the Korean War, are reluctant for this reason. It has become a popular menu among the younger generation.

  • NONGSHIM K-Army Stew Style Family Pack 18.6oz
  • 1 single pack = 4.65oz (132g)
  • 1 family pack = 4 single packs = 18.6oz (528g)
  • Product of Korea
  • Stew style Noodle Soup with Chili Beans
  • Potato noodles for chewier texture (40% potato starch in noodles)
  • A rich broth made with aged kimchi for a fuller, heartier flavor
  • Chunky kimchi flakes with whole chili beans
  • Contains Wheat, Fish (Bream, Pollock) and Soy
  • 농심 부대찌개면 패밀리팩  528g
  • UPC: 0 31146 05430 5
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