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Doong Ji Cold Noodles – Nongshim’s Treat of Summer that will bring you to a Roosting Haven – Korea

Nongshim Doong Ji Authentic Korean Cold Noodles (Family Pack)

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Naengmyeon is a popular noodle that all Koreans like. Nongshim has focused on developing a product that can be cooked easily while retaining the taste of naengmyeon at home rather than at a restaurant, and in 2008 launched a new concept, nest naengmyeon, different from the existing naengmyeon product (refrigerated). Nesting naengmyeon is a product name made with the idea that noodles are similar to a bird’s nest.

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Nongshim’s ramen manufacturing know-how was grafted to Italian dried noodles pasta manufacturing technology to develop nest naengmyeon, which is the only technology in the world. During the study period for about two years, raw materials such as about 144 tons of wheat and about 5 tons of buckwheat were used to shape the nest, which was enough to make 1.2 million nest cold noodles.

In the meantime, I had to buy naengmyeon at restaurants. It was very uncomfortable to cook at home. However, if it is nested cold noodles that can be enjoyed simply like ramen, it is no longer a hassle. Nest naengmyeon is dried noodle-type naengmyeon that can be distributed at room temperature by drying the naengmyeon in the shape of a nest in a nest and is packaged for one serving. Storage is very convenient because it can be stored at room temperature. It can also be cooked without boiling, so you can enjoy it comfortably outdoors. If you think of naengmyeon anytime, anywhere, I recommend you try the simple and delicious nest naengmyeon.

Nesting naengmyeon is a convenient food that everyone in the family (four families) can enjoy at an affordable price that is less than the price of a bowl of naengmyeon at a restaurant. Dongchimi Mulnaengmyeon broth and bibimjang made in the traditional way in a non-fried naengmyeon sari, and carefully made using clean and good ingredients. The Noksan plant, which makes nestled cold noodles, is a more reliable product with HACCP certification.

‘Dongchimi Mulnaengmyeon’-Basic Recipe

  1. Put 260ml of cold water in a bowl and mix the Dongchimi Mulnaengmyeon broth.
  2. Put the noodles, garnish, and flakes in boiled water, and simmer for another 3 minutes over low heat.
  3. After rinsing in cold water, dry it.
  4. Add Dongchimi Mulnaengmyeon stock and eat it deliciously.

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