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Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base Hot Flavor – China

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Th Story of Little Sheep

Nearly 800 years ago, Kublai Khan, the first emperor of Yuan Dynasty, galloping across the grasslands with the Mongolians, They wore brocaded satin shirts and eat boiled meat in broth to show their inherited culture from their ancestors as well as their innovative spirits. Little Sheep carries on this spirit of innovation and taste of origin by using raw materials that have soaked in the essence of their natural surroundings. As a delectable fusion of different species, Little Sheep selects the best origin to maximize the authenticity of the ingredients.

  • Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base Hot Flavor – Inner Mongolia China
  • 1 pack = 8.29oz (235g)
  • UPC: 6 935953 361745
  • Originality / Authenticity
  • Delighted taste, from crafted cooking experience
  • Product of China
  • Store at a room temperature and out of a direct sunlight.
  • Serves 6 persons
  • Preparation instruction: To prepare a soup base (bouillon) for 6 people, pour content of a package into a pot, add 6 cups boiling water and boil for 2-3 minutes.
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거의 800년 전, 원나라의 초대 황제 쿠빌라이 칸은 몽골인과 함께 초원을 질주하며 브로케이드 새틴 (Brocaded Satin = 양단으로 만든 광택이 곱고 보드라운 견직물) 셔츠를 입고 국물에 삶은 고기를 먹어 선조로부터 물려받은 문화와 혁신적인 정신을 보여주었습니다. Little Sheep은 자연 환경의 본질에 스며든 원료를 사용하여 이러한 혁신 정신과 원산지 맛을 이어갑니다. 다양한 종의 맛있는 퓨전으로 Little Sheep은 재료의 진위성을 극대화하기 위해 최고의 원산지를 선택합니다.


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