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1997 : 1st album 'Park Jiyoon'
  • Sky Blue Dream [하늘색 꿈(Feat.3534)]
  • Emotion
  • To you far away (멀리있는 너에게)
  • Baby Baby Baby
  • Mourning (애상)
  • Memory (추억)
  • Sad goodbye (슬픈 인사)
  • Sky Blue Dream [하늘색 꿈 (Inst.)]
1998 : 2nd album 'Blue Angel'
  • Sad rain in my eyes (내 눈에 슬픈 비)
  • My man (내 남자)
  • Steal Away
  • Last Night
  • Let you go (널 보내고)
  • Precious love (소중한 사랑)
  • You like me (너도 나처럼)
  • Dangerous love (위험한 사랑)
  • Not a big deal (별거 아냐)
  • Angel (천사)
1999 : 3rd album 'The Age Ain't Nothing But A Number'
  • Intro
  • I don’t know anything (아무것도 몰라요)
  • Love Signal
  • Go away (가버려)
  • Broken
  • After Love [후애(後愛)]
  • When a man leaves a woman (남자가 여자를 떠날 때)
  • Blue Moon
  • Weariness (싫증)
  • I might cry (난 울지도 몰라)
  • Kiss In the Dark
  • When a woman leaves a man (it’s okay) [여자가 남자를 떠날 때(괜찮아요)]
  • Joyful, Joyful
2000 : 4th album 'Adult Ceremony'
  • Intro
  • Moonlight song (달빛의 노래)
  • Coming-of-age ceremony (성인식)
  • The man I want (내가 원하는 남자)
  • Fantasy (환상)
  • Theater (연극)
  • Honey (Feat. Heo, In-chang) [꿀(Feat. 허인창)]
  • I Wanted You (Feat. Park, Jin-young) [그댈 원했지만(Feat. 박진영)]
  • Return home [귀향(歸鄕)]
  • Before love begins (사랑이 시작되기 전에)
  • Reason to leave (떠나는 이유)
  • You and love (그대 그리고 사랑)
  • Moonlight Song [달빛의 노래(Remix.)]
2001 : 5th album 'Man'
  • Until you let go of love (사랑을 버리기까지)
  • I’m a man (난 남자야)
  • No no (안 돼요 안 돼요)
  • Swan (백조)
  • Just Love (Feat. Rain) [그냥 사랑하면 되는데(Feat. 비)]
  • Come on (와 줘요)
  • With both eyes closed (두 눈을 감고서)
  • Returned love (돌아온 사랑)
  • I fell in love (난 사랑에 빠졌죠)
  • By your side who waited for me (Feat. Noeul) [날 기다려준 그대곁에(Feat. 노을)]
  • Forget it, forget it (잊을래 잊을래)
  • Nastified
  • Coming-of-age ceremony (Remix.)
  • Empty seat (빈 자리)
2003 : 6th album 'Woo ~ Twenty One'
  • This is me (이게 나야)
  • Can you do it? (할 줄 알어?)
  • DJ
  • Take it (가져요)
  • What should I do (어떻게 할까요)
  • To your loved ones (소중한 사람들에게)
  • Start (Feat. Kan Mi-yeon, MC Smiley, Garuda) [시작 (Feat. 간미연, MC Smiley, 가루다)]
  • Reunion (재회)
  • Is this me? (이게 나야?)
  • Gypsy woman (집시여인)
  • I just… (차마)
  • Wrong (Feat. Seong Si-kyung) [잘못 (Feat. 성시경)]
  • Only now (이제야)
  • 11 things women want from men (여자가 남자에게 바라는 11가지)
  • Confession+DJ [고백+DJ (Feat. PSY)(Remix)]
  • I got hurt [나 상처받았어(Bonus Track)]
2009 : 7th album 'Flowers, first again' (Return 1st album) 
  • Hi (안녕)
  • Between spring and summer (봄, 여름 그 사이)
  • In faded memories (바래진 기억에)
  • April 16 (4월 16일)
  • You are like a tree (그대는 나무 같아)
  • Sleep talking (잠꼬대)
  • Spring snow (봄눈)
  • Just come back (돌아오면 돼)
  • It’s okay (괜찮아요)
2012 : Single 'Quiet Dream'
  • Quiet Dream
2012 : 8th album 'Dream of becoming a tree'
  • Back then (그땐)
  • It will (그럴거야)
  • Afternoon (오후)
  • Dream of becoming a tree (나무가 되는 꿈)
  • Confession (고백)
  • Don’t love (사랑하지 않아)
  • Way to you (너에게 가는 길)
  • Like those days (그 날들처럼)
  • Star (별)
  • Quiet Dream
  • Sound (Feat. Asell Park) [소리 (Feat. 박아셀)]
2013 : Single 'Mr.
  • Mystery (Feat. San E) [미스터리(Feat. 산이)]
  • Witness (목격자)
2014 : Single 'Inner Space'
  • Beep
  • My brain structure (나의 뇌구조)
2014 : Single 'Yoo Hoo'
  • Yoo Hoo (유후)
  • One step (한 걸음)
2016: Single 'O'
  • Miracle (기적)
  • O (오)
2016 : Single 'Winter is coming'
  • Winter is coming (겨울이 온다)
2017 : 9th Album 'Parkjiyoon9'
  • I am in love (사랑하고 있어)
  • Don’t do that (그러지마요)
  • Winter is coming (겨울이 온다)
  • Moon blooming night (달이 피는 밤)
  • Miracle (기적)
  • Prepare to Love Others (feat. Kwak Jin-eon) [다른 사람 사랑할 준비를 해(Feat.곽진언)]
  • Where are you going (어디로 가고 있는 걸까)
  • Our day (우리의 하루)
  • O (오)
  • Afternoon [오후 (2017)]
2019: Single 'Forget it (잊어요)'
  • Forget it (잊어요)
2020 : Single 'That day in the spring'
  • That day in the spring (그날의 봄)
2020 : OST 'My Dangerous Wife'
  • To my husband (남편에게)

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