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[K-pop] “Sad Salsa” / Baek, Ji-young

Baek, Ji-young was a singer with her charm. Her bubbly personality and her husky voice were added to her charm, which made her even more noteworthy.

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Sad Salsa △ Baek Z Young
Korean Lyrics & English Translation
  • 이렇게 끝내야만 하나
    [i·leoh·ge / kkeut·nae·ya·man / ha·na]
    Should I end it like this?
  • 깊어진 나의 사랑을
    [gip·eo·jin / na·ui / sa·lang·eul]
    Deepened my love
  • 그대의 숨결로만
    [geu·dae·ui / sum·gyeol·lo·man]
    Only with your breath
  • 자라난 내 사랑인데
    [ja·la·nan / nae / sa·lang·in·de]
    It’s my love that grew
  • 이렇게 그대 돌아서면
    [i·leoh·ge / geu·dae / dol·a·seo·myeon]
    If you turn around like this
  • 다시는 볼 수 없는데
    [da·si·neun / bol / su / eobs·neun·de]
    I’ll never see you again
  • 어떻게 해야 하는지도 모른 채
    [eo·tteoh·ge / hae·ya / ha·neun·ji·do / mo·leun / chae]
    Without knowing what to do
  • 자꾸 눈물만
    [ja·kku / nun·mul·man]
    Only tears

  • 가지 말라고 가지 말라고
    [ga·ji / mal·la·go / ga·ji / mal·la·go]
    Don’t go, don’t go
  • 한 마디 말이라도 해야 할 텐데
    [han / ma·di / mal·i·la·do / hae·ya / hal / ten·de]
    I should have said a word
  • 함께 했었던 시간 속에서
    [ham·kke / haess·eoss·deon / si·gan / sog·e·seo]
    In the time we spent together
  • 어떤 걸 제일 먼저 잊어야 할 지
    [eo·tteon / geol / je·il / meon·jeo / ij·eo·ya / hal / ji]
    What should I forget first?
  • 모르는데
    I don’t know
  • 이젠 어떻게 살아야 하나
    [i·jen / eo·tteoh·ge / sal·a·ya / ha·na]
    How to live now
  • 온 몸 가득 남겨진 사랑을
    [on / mom / ga·deug / nam·gyeo·jin / sa·lang·eul]
    The love left in my whole body
  • 이젠 다가 올 사랑은 없어
    [i·jen / da·ga / ol / sa·lang·eun / eobs·eo]
    There is no love to come
  • 그대 남긴 상처 때문에
    [geu·dae / nam·gin / sang·cheo / ttae·mun·e]
    Because of the scars you left
  • 이렇게 끝낼 수는 없어
    [i·leoh·ge / kkeut·nael / su·neun / eobs·eo]
    I can’t end it like this
  • 그대를 보낼 순 없어
    [geu·dae·leul / bo·nael / sun / eobs·eo]
    I can’t let you go
  • 그대를 잊어야 할
    [geu·dae·leul / ij·eo·ya / hal]
    To forget you
  • 이유라도 만들어 줘
    [i·yu·la·do / man·deul·eo / jwo]
    Make any reason and give me
  • 멈춰 버린 시간 속에
    [meom·chwo / beo·lin / si·gan / sog·e]
    In the stopped time
  • 쌓여만 가는 그리움
    [ssah·yeo·man / ga·neun / geu·li·um]
    The longing that builds up
  • 그대가 없는 나의 모습
    [geu·dae·ga / eobs·neun / na·ui / mo·seub]
    The look of me without you
  • 그대가 더 잘 알텐데
    [geu·dae·ga / deo / jal / al·ten·de]
    You would know better

  • 잠깐일 거야 돌아올 거야
    [jam·kkan·il / geo·ya / dol·a·ol / geo·ya]
    It’ll be a while, you’ll be back
  • 그대도 나 아니면 안될 거라고
    [geu·dae·do / na / a·ni·myeon / an·doel / geo·la·go]
    You wouldn’t be without me either
  • 알게 될거야 우리 사랑이
    [al·ge / doel·geo·ya / u·li / sa·lang·i]
    You’ll find out, our love
  • 그렇게 쉽게 끝낼 수 없다는 걸
    [geu·leoh·ge / swib·ge / kkeut·nael / su / eobs·da·neun / geol]
    that it can’t be done so easily
    *that it can’t finish so easily
  • 그렇게 날 위로했지만
    [geu·leoh·ge / nal / wi·lo·haess·ji·man]
    Even though you so comforted me
  • 이미 그대는 저 만큼 멀리
    [i·mi / geu·dae·neun / jeo / man·keum / meol·li]
    You are already that far away
  • 날 등진 채 떠나고 있잖아
    [nal / deung·jin / chae / tteo·na·go / iss·janh·a]
    You’re leaving with your back
  • 이젠 목마른 보고픔으로
    [i·jen / mog·ma·leun / bo·go·peum·eu·lo]
    Now with thirsty longing
  • 기다릴게 다시 그대를
    [gi·da·lil·ge / da·si / geu·dae·leul]
    I will wait for you again

  • 이제 나 없는 그대의 모습
    [i·je / na / eobs·neun / geu·dae·ui / mo·seub]
    Now your look without me
  • 행복하길 기도 했었지만
    [haeng·bog·ha·gil / gi·do / haess·eoss·ji·man]
    I prayed for you to be happy
  • 나의 마지막 기도는 항상
    [na·ui / ma·ji·mag / gi·do·neun / hang·sang]
    My last prayer always
  • 그대 사랑 내가 되길
    [geu·dae / sa·lang / nae·ga / doe·gil]
    Your love is me

Story of K-pop

Baek, Ji-young debuted in 1999 with the first album ‘Sorrow’. Her Latin-style dance songs ‘Choice’ and ‘Burden’ entered the charts and received a good response.

Baek Ji-young’s 1st album ‘Sorrow’

She released her second album, Rouge, on April 18, 2000. Her title song “Dash” topped various music charts. Her follow-up song “Sad Salsa” was also very popular, contributing to the salsa dance craze in Korea.

But in 2000, at the height of her heyday, Baek Ji-young caused her scandal when a video of her sex with her producer at the time of her debut leaked onto the Internet.

During a press conference on November 29, 2000, Baek Ji-young admitted that she was her character in a sex video. After the incident, The Washington Post reported that “Ji-young Baek was a victim of a cultural clash between traditional society and the Internet.”

Baek, Ji-young was a singer with her charm. Her bubbly personality and her husky voice were added to her charm, which made her even more noteworthy.

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