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K-POP Nordics Festival in Sweden

K-POP Nordics Festival

Who’s the BEST K-pop dancer/singer(s) in the Nordics ? Apply Now to the K-POP Nordics Festival !

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Koreanskt Kulturcenter (Korean Cultural Center in Sweden) is thrilled to inform all K-pop enthusiasts in the Nordics that K-POP Nordics Festival will be held in Stockholm on 10th June 2023 at Oscarsteatern (Kungsgatan 66, 111 22, Stockholm). This year, we open our applications to anyone residing in the Nordics – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. Apply now and Win the BEST Title of K-POP dancer/singers in the Nordics with 10.000 SEK awards!

I. Overview of K-POP Nordics Festival

ㅇ Time/Date: Saturday, 10th June 2023 (16:00-18:00)

ㅇ Venue: Oscarsteatern (Kungsgatan 66, 111 22, Stockholm)

ㅇ Qualification: Residents in the Nordic countries  – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland are eligible for participation, except Korean nationality holders and those who grew up in Korean families. (In case of uncertainty, feel free to contact

ㅇ Performance Categories : Participants may only enter one of the following categories,

  • Category A) Singing: The chosen themes must be K-POP, with the original lyrics of the song. The lyrics must be in Korean for at least 60% of the song parts. The maximum number of members for groups in this category will be four people. Soloists may have a maximum of two backup dancers, although the dance will not be evaluated.  
  •  Category B) Dance : The chosen themes must be K-POP and with lyrics in Korean. You can remix a few K-pop songs (max 4.30 mins). Also, you can sing while you dance, although the singing will not be evaluated.  

※ NOTE : The chosen song in the submitted application(video) will be the song that you will perform once you get accepted successfully. Participants must choose whether to appear alone or in a group, but may not appear twice, even in the same category.

 ㅇ Evaluation Criteria :

  •  20%: Audience Engagement
  • · 30%: Stage Charisma
  • · 50%: Technique, Expression, Clarity

※NOTE : The maximum score for both categories will be 100 points. In the event of a tie, the participant who has received the highest score in Audience Engagement will win. If the tie persists, it would be in the hands of the jury to opt for one participant or another based on the criteria that it deems appropriate. No prize will be deserted. Lastly, Extra points might be added to performances (vocal/dance) using the latest songs.

ㅇ Awards :

  • 1st Place : 10,000 SEK.
  • 2nd Place : 5,000 SEK
  • 3rd Place : 3,000 SEK

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II. Schedule

ㅇ Application Submission: Fill in the application form (attached) and submit it by 7th May 2023 via email to

ㅇ Selection Result : 12th May 2023 (at official website and social media)

ㅇ Guest Ticket Registration : 15th May 2023

NOTE : Your submitted application will be reviewed by the judging panel organized by the Koreanskt Kulturcenter. Selected participants will individually receive more detailed information

III. Contact

All inquiries related to the event should be addressed to

IV. General Provisions

ㅇ Publicity, promotion and communication of the Contest, and image rights

The participants know and expressly accept that, during the development of the contest, their performance may be the subject of images and videos, and their image (voice included) may appear in photographs or audiovisual recordings. Both Koreanskt Kulturcenter and the supporting partners may make use of the images or videos of the development of the contest and the performance of the participants for promotional purposes – publication of brochures, catalogs, or compilation publications in the media -, expressly excluding commercial activities. The participants, therefore, authorize the Koreanskt Kulturcenter to take photographs and videos during the event, without receiving any financial compensation. 

Koreanskt Kulturcenter will disseminate information and images of the contest through its website, its social networks and/or the media it deems appropriate. The supporting partners will also disseminate information and images related to the event on its website and on its social networks.

ㅇ Acceptance of the Result

  • Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of the content of the rules that govern it, as well as the agreements and the final decision of the jury.
  • The event could be subject to possible modifications, including the cancellation or suspension of the event due to a resurgence of COVID-19 or other public health reasons, or due to recommendations from the regional or municipal health authorities. Any of these health or other public order circumstances will be considered as a cause of force majeure. Consequently, if an event occurred that could not have been avoided or foreseen during the development of the contest, which has led to the loss of its purpose, neither the Koreanskt Kulturcenter nor the participants will be liable for the damages suffered by these.
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