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[K-pop] Man’s empty chest

Drama General’s Son OST (드라마 장군의 아들)

사나이 텅 빈 가슴 – 장군의 아들 中 (1, 2 절 가사 자막) @ hey bugsoo
Korean Lyrics & English Translation

“Today is the day when the head of Doohan rebuilds the new Jongro family. Our Jongro family has now entered the Kim Doo-han era after going through Kumajeok and Kim Ki-hwan. Let’s make a toast for the loyalty and spirit of Joseon men.”


“Junsik, you’re good at singing.”
“Try it.”

  • 바람따라 구름따라
    Following the wind, following the clouds
  • 흘러온 내 인생길
    The path of my life that flowed
  • 뒤틀리고 자빠져도
    Even if it gets twisted and falls down
  • 미련없이 살아왔다
    I’ve lived my life without regrets
  • 움켜쥔 주먹으로
    with clenched fists 
  • 의리에 살고
    Living in loyalty
  • 빈손으로 돌아서는
    that turns empty-handed
  • 무정한 거리
    A heartless street
  • 외로운 가로등아
    Lonely street lamp 
  • 너는 아느냐
    Do you know
  • 사나이 텅빈 가슴을
    the empty chest of a man
  • 비가 와도 눈이 와도
    Even if it rains or it snows
  • 세월은 무정한데
    Time is merciless
  • 가진 것은 두 주먹뿐
    All I have is two fists
  • 남자답게 살아왔다
    I’ve lived like a man
  • 뒷골목 인생이라
    because it’s life in the back alley
  • 비웃지마라
    Don’t laugh at me
  • 가시밭길 헤쳐가는
    who walks through a thorny road
  • 사나이 우정
    A man’s friendship
  • 외로운 가로등아
    Lonely street lamp
  • 너는 아느냐
    Do you know
  • 사나이 텅빈 가슴을
    the empty chest of a man
Sung by Lee Sung (Song wanderer)
사나이 텅빈 가슴-이성(노래유랑자) @ 노래유랑자
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