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[K-pop] “Late Autumn” OST

100 Years of K-pop Waiting for Translation –
‘만추(晩秋)’ 주제곡 (1966) (출처: windbird)
Korean Lyrics & English Trans.
  • 가을*은 못 잊을 추억을 위해
    [ga·eul·eun / mos / ij·eul / chu·eog·eul / wi·hae]
    Autumn, for unforgettable memories
    *가을(ga·eul)=Autumn, Fall / 봄(bom)=Spring / 여름(yeo·leum)=Summer / 겨울(gyeo·ul)=Winter
  • 가랑잎*은 말없이 지고 또 져도
    [ga·lang·ip·eun / mal·eobs·i / ji·go / tto / jyeo·do]
    Even if the withered leaves fall silently and again
    *가랑잎(ga·lang·ip): A dry leaf that has fallen from a tree. ex) 차들이 지나가자 도로의 가랑잎이 이리저리 휘날렸다.[cha·deul·i / ji·na·ga·ja / do·lo·ui / ga·lang·ip·i / i·li·jeo·li / hwi·nal·lyeoss·da] = As the cars passed, the leaves on the road blew to and fro.
  • 그러나 과일만은 빨갛게 빨갛게
    [geu·leo·na / gwa·il·man·eun / ppal·gah·ge / ppal·gah·ge]
    But only the fruit is red and red
  • 과일만은 익네
    [gwa·il·man·eun / ig·ne]
    Only the fruit is ripe
  • 과일만은 익네
    [gwa·il·man·eun / ig·ne]
    Only the fruit is ripe
  • 가을은 못 잊을 사랑을 위해
    [ga·eul·eun / mos / ij·eul / sa·lang·eul / wi·hae]
    Autumn, for an unforgettable love
  • 가랑잎은 조용히 지고 또 져도
    [ga·lang·ip·eun / jo·yong·hi / ji·go / tto / jyeo·do]
    Even if the fallen leaves quietly fall and again
  • 아무도 이별일랑 한숨 섞인 한숨 섞인
    [a·mu·do / i·byeol·il·lang / han·sum / seokk·in / han·sum / seokk·in]
    Anyone, a farewell mixed with sighs
  • 이별일랑 마라
    [i·byeol·il·lang / ma·la]
    Don’t say goodbye
  • 이별일랑 마라
    [i·byeol·il·lang / ma·la]
    Don’t say goodbye

Story of K-pop

가사만 보아도 깊은 가을의 애잔한 정취가 진하게 느껴지는 곡이다. 늦가을만 되면 사람들 뇌리에 또다시 떠오르는 전설의 영화, 바로 이만희 감독의 <만추> 주제가다.

Even just looking at the lyrics, it is a song where you can feel the sad mood of deep autumn. It is the theme song for <Late Autumn> by director Lee Man-hee, a legendary movie that comes to mind again in late autumn.

1966년에 개봉한 작품이지만 원본 필름은 물론 복사본까지 사라져, 꼭 찾아야 할 ‘잃어버린 한국영화’ 100선에서 수위로 꼽힌 바 있다.

Although it was released in 1966, the original film as well as the copy have disappeared, and it has been ranked first in the list of 100 ‘lost Korean films’ that must be found.


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