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[K-pop] “Friend, that long time” / Jung Seung-hwan

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[MV] Jung Seung Hwan(정승환) _ We, From The First(친구, 그 오랜시간) @ 1theK (원더케이)
Korean Lyrics & English Translation
  • 잠 못 드는 밤, 불편하게 할까 봐
    Sleepless nights, I’m afraid I’ll make you uncomfortable
  • 어지러운 맘, 너에게 들킬까 봐
    My dizzy heart, I’m afraid you’ll find out
    *My dizzy heart, I’m afraid I’ll get caught by you
  • 언제부턴가 난 제대로 널 못 보겠어
    At some point, I can’t see you properly
    *From some point on, I can’t see you properly
  • 네가 편하지 않아
    I’m not comfortable with you
  • 너만 보면 내 맘이 내 맘대로 잘 안돼
    When I see you, my heart doesn’t go as well as I want
    *When I see you, my heart doesn’t go as I want
    *When I see you, my heart doesn’t work the way I want it to
  • 친구로 잘 지냈는데
    We had a good time as friends
  • 요즘 내가 너를 피한 건
    The reason I avoid you these days
  • 눈을 마주 보지 못한 건
    The reason I couldn’t look you in the eye
    *The reason I couldn’t look into your eyes
  • 나 어쩌면, 아니 사실 난 말야
    I might, I mean, actually I

  • 널 좋아하나 봐 나 어떻게 할까
    I think I like you, what should I do
  • 이렇게 말하면 더 어색해질까
    Will it make it more awkward if I say this
    *Will it be more awkward if I say this?
  • 장난 섞인 너의 메시지에
    for your joked message
  • 나 다음 말 고르는 게
    To choose the next word
  • 쉽지 않아 쓰고 지운 말
    It’s not easy for me, written and erased words
  • 널 좋아했나 봐
    I must have liked you
  • 즐거웠던 날, 그건 너와 있어서
    A good day, that’s because I’m with you
  • 좋아했던 곳, 거기 네가 있어서
    The place I used to love, that’s because there you are
    *The place I loved, that’s because there you are
  • 전부 너였더라 잘 몰랐어 그런 의민지
    It was all you, I didn’t know what that meant
  • 모든 날에 너를 지우면
    If I erase you on every day
  • 기억조차 없는 하룬데
    It’s a day I don’t even remember
  • 나 어느새, 아니 처음부터 말야
    Before I knew it, no, from the beginning
  • 널 좋아했나 봐 나 어떻게 할까
    I think I like you, what should I do
  • 모른 척하기엔 너무 늦었을까
    Was it too late to pretend not to know
  • 못 들은 척해도 난 괜찮아
    Even if you pretend not to hear, I’m okay
  • 그냥 웃어넘겨도 돼
    You can just laugh
  • 근데 이젠 말하고 싶어
    But now I want to say
  • 잠깐이라도 지금 널 만나러 갈게
    I’ll go see you right now, even for a moment
  • 어쩌면 다 망쳐버릴지도 몰라
    Maybe I’ll ruin it all
  • 지금 아니면 다시는 없을 거 같아
    If it’s not now, I don’t think it will ever happen again
  • 딱 한번 용기 내서 말할게
    I’ll be brave and say just once

  • 오래전부터 널 좋아했다고
    that I’ve loved you for a long time
  • 널 사랑한다고
    that I love you
  • 매일 밤 수없이 삼켜버린
    Swallowed countless times every night
  • 용길 낼 수가 없었던
    I couldn’t be brave
  • 친구, 너와 나, 그 오랜 시간
    Friends, you and me, that long time
  • 난 처음부터 널 사랑했나 봐
    I must have loved you from the beginning


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