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[K-pop] “A song I made because my brother was on a diet” / Gwana

동생이 다이어트 한다고 해서 만든 노래 @ 과나gwana

Korean Lyrics & English Translation
  • 자신의 아름다움을 위해
    For your own beauty
  • 배달앱도 지워버린 너를 진심으로 응원할게
    I will sincerely support you who deleted the delivery app
  • 하지만 가끔은 매콤 까르보나라, 모짜렐라 치즈 추가
    But sometimes add spicy carbonara and mozzarella cheese
  • 중간 매운 맛에 감자튀김 야무지게 찍어 먹고
    Dip the french fries in medium spicy taste and eat them
  • 마늘 빵 두 개 더 추가 주문해서
    After ordering two more garlic breads
  • 마지막 소스까지 깔끔하게 닦아내던 늠름한 니가 그립다
    I miss you, the dignified one who wiped away the last sauce

  • 힘들어하는 널 보면 눈물이 자꾸 나오니까
    Tears keep coming out when I see you struggling
  • 염분 보충하려고
    To replenish the salt
  • 페퍼로니 피자에 소맥 기가 맥히게 말아서 달렸어
    I ate pepperoni pizza with a fantastic mix of soju and beer
  • 퍽퍽살과 고구마만 먹는 널 보니
    Seeing you eating only dry meat and sweet potatoes
  • 혹시 목 맥힐까봐 콜라 주는데 왜 먹질 못하니
    I’m giving you Coke in case you get choked, but why can’t you eat it
  • 넌 긁지 않은 복권 어쩌고 하지만
    You say this and that about the lottery that you don’t scratch
  • 대체 왜 당첨이라고 단정을 짓니
    Why the hell are you making the decision to win
  • 넝담이야 응원할게 힘을 내렴
    It’s a joke, I’ll cheer for you, be strong
  • 일단 이거만 먹고 내일부터 헤어져야 해
    You have to eat this first and part from tomorrow
  • 삼겹살에 비빔면, 쫀득 고소 고기와 매콤달달 꼬들면 잊기를 바래
    Bibim-myeon with the pork belly, , chewy and savory meat, and spicy sweet and sour noodles, I want you to forget them
  • 로제, 떡볶이, 당면, 가끔 그리워지면
    Rosé, tteokbokki, vermicelli, when you miss you sometimes
  • 네 앞에서 먹방 해줄게
    I’ll show you eating in front of you

  • 안녕하세요. 식빵이에요
    Hello. It’s bread
  • 잘 지내시죠?
    How are you?
  • 고맙다는 인사 드리려고 나왔어요
    I’m here to say thank you
  • 땅콩버터, 누텔라, 마가린, 햄, 잼, 수 많은 재료와 함께 해줘서 정말 행복 했어요
    I was really happy that it was served with peanut butter, Nutella, margarine, ham, jam, and many other ingredients
  • 저를 떠난 건 아쉽지만 그래도 다이어트 진심으로 응원할게요
    It’s a pity that you left me, but I will sincerely support you on the diet
  • 늘 같은 곳에서 기다리고 있을테니까
    ‘Cause I’ll always be waiting in the same place
  • 가끔 너무 힘들면 그냥 버터에 구워서 한 입 해 주세요
    Sometimes if it’s too hard, just bake it in butter and eat it in one bite
  • 괜찮아요 저 한 장 먹는다고 그렇게 살 안쪄요
    It’s okay, you won’t gain that much weight just by eating one piece

  • 넌 당첨 복권이라 말하지만
    You say it’s a winning lottery
  • 대체 왜 당첨금이 많다고 단정을 짓니
    Why the hell do you decide the winning amount is high
  • 넝담이야 응원할게 힘을 내렴
    It’s a joke, I’ll cheer for you, be strong
  • 일단 이거만 먹고 내일부터 헤어져야 해
    You have to eat this first and part from tomorrow
  • 탕수육에 짜장면, 바삭 새콤 튀김과 짭짤 꾸덕 쫄깃면 잊기를 바래
    Sweet and sour pork, jjajangmyeon, crispy and sour tempura and salty chewy noodles, I hope you forget them
  • 반반 치킨, 뿌링클, 라면 세 개 끓일게
    Half-and-half chicken, purrinkle, and I’ll boil three ramen
  • 젓가락만 가져와
    Just bring chopsticks
  • 이거 조금 먹는다고 살 쪄
    Eat a little of this, gain~~ weight


Gwana uploaded a video of 6 ramen noodles recipes on October 6, 2019.

As he sang the recipe with lyrics, he received a huge response for the freshness of the cuisine and the splendor of the song itself.

With just three videos, he surpassed 100,000 subscribers, which is unusual for an unknown YouTuber.


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