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[K-pop] A Dazzling Season / Yangpa

The Glory OST Part 5

How to pronounce Korean?
Yangpa (양파) – A Dazzling Season (눈부신 계절)(더 글로리 OST) The Glory OST Part 5 (출처:
Korean Lyrics & English Trans.
  • 아주 오래된 이야길까
    [a·ju / o·lae·doen / i·ya·gil·kka]
    Is it a very old story?
  • 우리가 보낸 계절
    [u·li·ga / bo·naen / gye·jeol]
    the season we spent
  • 얼마나 지났을까
    [eol·ma·na / ji·nass·eul·kka]
    How long has it been
  • 기억의 굳은살을
    [gi·eog·ui / gud·eun·sal·eul]
    calluses of memory
  • 눈물로 도려내도
    [nun·mul·lo / do·lyeo·nae·do]
    Even if I cut it out with tears
  • 또다시 자라나
    [tto·da·si / ja·la·na]
    It grows again
  • 또다시 채워져
    [tto·da·si / chae·wo·jyeo]
    It filled up again

  • 가끔 행복해진다는 게
    [ga·kkeum / haeng·bog·hae·jin·da·neun / ge]
    that being happy sometimes
  • 웃어도 된다는 게
    [us·eo·do / doen·da·neun / ge]
    that I can laugh
  • 어색한 일이 됐나 봐
    [eo·saeg·han / il·i / dwaess·na / bwa]
    I guess it became awkward
  • 달빛 저 모서리에
    [da·lbich / jeo / mo·seo·li·e]
    in the corner of the moonlight
  • 눈물 달래듯 기대어
    [nun·mul / dal·lae·deus / gi·dae·eo]
    I lean against it as if to soothe my tears,
  • 겨우 한숨 쉰다
    [gyeo·u / han·sum / swin·da]
    barely breathing

  • 다시 해는 뜨고 다시 밤은 지고
    [da·si / hae·neun / tteu·go / da·si / bam·eun / ji·go]
    The sun rises again and the night sets again
  • 수많은 계절이 오가도
    [su·manh·eun / gye·jeol·i / o·ga·do]
    Even if countless seasons come and go
  • 다시 눈을 감아 다시 눈을 떠봐도
    [da·si / nun·eul / gam·a / da·si / nun·eul / tteo·bwa·do]
    Even if I close my eyes and open them again
  • 난 그 계절 그 자리
    [nan / geu / gye·jeol / geu ja·li]
    I’m in that place of that season
How to pronounce Korean?
  • 만약 우리가 함께했던 계절이 없었다면
    [man·yag / u·li·ga / ham·kke·haess·deon / gye·jeol·i / eobs·eoss·da·myeon]
    If we had never been together in that season
  • 아픔도 없어질까
    [a·peum·do / eobs·eo·jil·kka]
    Will the pain also disappear?

  • 닫힌 맘을 열어 닫힌 문을 열어
    [dad·hin / mam·eul / yeol·eo / dad·hin / mun·eul / yeol·eo]
    Open the closed heart, open the closed door
  • 눈부신 계절을 기다려
    [nun·bu·sin / gye·jeol·eul / gi·da·lyeo]
    Wait for the dazzling season
  • 살아내는 동안 다신 아프지 않길
    [sal·a·nae·neun / dong·an / da·sin / a·peu·ji / anh·gil]
    I hope I won’t be sick again as long as I live
  • 또 혼자가 아니길
    [tto / hon·ja·ga / a·ni·gil]
    I hope I’m not alone again
  • 만약 우리가 함께했던 계절이 없었다면
    [man·yag / u·li·ga / ham·kke·haess·deon / gye·jeol·i / eobs·eoss·da·myeon]
    If we had never been together in that season
  • 아픔도 없었겠지
    [a·peum·do / eobs·eoss·gess·ji]
    There would have been no pain
  • 그랬다면 얼마나 좋았을까
    [geu·laess·da·myeon / eol·ma·na / joh·ass·eul·kka]
    How good would it have been if it had been like that?
Story of K-pop

“The Glory” is a Netflix series that portrays the story of a woman who was broken in body and soul due to violence during her school days. She devotes her life to meticulous preparation for a ruthless revenge, and the drama depicts the story of those who are caught up in the whirlwind of her revenge. Actress Song Hye-kyo played the role of Moon Dong-eun, the protagonist who is a victim of school violence and seeks revenge.

8 character posters for Part 2 of the global video streaming service (OTT) Netflix’s ‘The Glory’.

Your soul rejoiced in every moment
It was good, because I have a dream
I hate to say I don’t know, but I don’t know yet
That eye with a fishy gaze
That hand that was mocking and destroying
That mouth that laughed loudly at the misfortune of others
That foot that was leading the way in causing someone else’s pain
This man is my salvation


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