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[J-pop] “Just a little more” / YOASOBI

もう少しだけ △ Ayase / YOASOBI

Japanese Lyrics & English Translation
  • もう少しだけ もう少しだけ
    Just a little more. Just a little more
  • 踏み出せたのなら
    if someone could step forward
  • そう小さな優しさを
    That’s a little kindness
  • 分け合えたのなら
    if it would be shared with me
  • ありふれた一日が
    A mundane day
  • 素敵な日になっていくほら
    It’s going to be a wonderful day
  • そうやって何度でも
    So many times
  • 喜びはめぐる
    Joy goes around

  • 慌ただしく過ぎる朝に
    On a hectic morning
  • いつも通り過ぎる朝に
    In the morning that always passes by
  • 頼まれたお使いと予定を照らす
    Illuminate someone’s errand and schedule
  • 君が教えてくれた
    You told me
  • あてにしてない占いの言葉
    Untrustworthy fortune-telling
  • 「いつもしないことを」だって
    “Do what you don’t do all the time”
  • そんなことを頭の隅に置いたまま
    With such a thing in one’s
  • いつもの今日へ
    To the usual day
  • もう少しだけ もう少しだけ
    Just a little more. Just a little more
  • 踏み出せたのなら
    If someone could step forward
  • もう少しだけ あと少しだけ
    Just a little more. Just a little more
  • 優しくなれたのなら
    If someone can be nice
  • ありふれた一日も
    Even for a common day
  • 素敵な日になっていくような
    It’s going to be a wonderful day
  • そんな気がしたんだ
    That’s what I thought
  • 今喜びはめぐる
    With Joy goes round
  • 暗いニュースが流れる朝に
    On a dark morning
  • 気持ちが沈んでいく朝に
    On a depressing morning
  • 自分は「いらない」存在?
    You feel yourself useless?
  • なんて考える朝に
    On a morning when someone thinks about it
  • あなたのことを思い出したんだ
    I thought of you
  • あなたに会いたくなったんだ
    I wanted to see you
  • 久しぶりに会いに行くよ
    It’s been a long time, now I want to see you
  • 今すぐに
    At once
  • 待ちに待ったそんな朝に
    On such a long-awaited morning
  • 想いを馳せる日の朝に
    Driving thinking on the morning
  • いつもよりも早く家を出る
    Leave home earlier than usual
  • 不意に触れた誰かの優しさが
    I suddenly touched someone’s kindness
  • 私の優しさに変わったんだ
    It’s changed to my kindness
  • ほら喜びはめぐる
    Look, with joy goes around
  • もう少しだけ もう少しだけ
    Just a little more. Just a little more
  • 踏み出せたことが
    I’ve been able to step forward
  • もう少しだけ ほんの少しだけ
    Just a little more. Just a little more
  • 優しくなれたことが
    I’ve been able to be nice
  • ありふれた一日を
    Have a common day
  • 特別な一日にほら
    On a special day, look
  • 変えてくれたんだきっと
    I’m sure you changed it
  • 今日も
    Also today
  • あなたから私へと
    From you to me
  • 想いが伝わる
    Communicate one’s thoughts
  • そう僕から君にほら
    Yeah, I’ll tell you
  • 喜びが広がる
    Be filled with joy
  • ありふれた毎日から
    From a common day by day
  • 踏み出した優しさが今
    The kindness I stepped on is now
  • 誰かに届いてきっと
    I’m sure it’ll reach someone
  • めぐり続けるんだずっと
    Keep going around. Keep going around
  • どこまでも
    To wherever
  • 今日もどこかであなたが
    Today also , somewhere you
  • 今を生きるあなたがただ
    You’re just living in the present
  • 小さな幸せを
    I wish you a little happiness
  • 見つけられますように
    I hope you can find it

Story of J-pop

Yoasobi consists of composer Ayase and vocalist ikura, “Unit for Making Novels into Music”. The first song, “Running at Night,” released in November 2019, exceeded 300 million streaming views in December 2020 and topped the Billboard Japan Song Chart HOT100 annually.

The original novel of the second song, “That Dream Trace,” was comicized, and the third song, “Harzion,” collaborated with drinks and video works, released the fourth song, “Maybe,” on July 20 and the commercial song “Gunblue,” on September 1.

In December, Osamu Suzuki released the original novel “Haruka.””On January 6, 2021, the first CD “”THE BOOK”” was released.

Gorgeous specifications attracted a lot of attention, and while recording the second place in the Oricon Daily Ranking for the first time, all songs were ranked within 15th place on the Apple Music Streaming Chart.

“The scope of development is expanding beyond music, such as bookmaking and movie adaptation of the original novel.


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