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2023 국제 청년 영상 공모전 (『︎제5차 여성과 함께하는 평화 국제 회의』︎)

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외교부는 2018년 6월 출범한 『︎여성과 함께하는 평화』︎ 이니셔티브의 일환으로 『︎제5차 여성과 함께하는 평화 국제 회의』︎ 를 2023.11.30.(목) 개최 예정이며, 동 회의 계기 부대행사로 『︎2023 국제 청년 영상 공모전』︎ 을 실시할 예정이오니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.

❐︎ 주제 : 사이버 공간에서의 여성·︎평화·︎안보 – 온라인 성폭력이 여성평화에 미치는 영향

❐︎ 대상 : 만 19~34세 전 세계 청년 (개인 또는 팀)

❐︎ 공모형식 : 5분 이내 영상 콘텐츠(영어 또는 영어 자막)

❐︎ 접수 : 2023.11.20.(월) 까지 awp5th.2023@gmail.com으로 붙임 신청서류와 영상을 제출

2023 Global Youth Video Competition

Title : 2023 Global Youth Video Competition

Theme : Women, Peace and Safety in Cyberspace: Impact of Online Gender Based Violence GBV) on Women and Peace

○ Rules and Eligibility Requirements

  • Youth s 19 34 years old from all countries are eligible to participate
  • The c ompetition is open to individuals and teams and each individual ( or team) can submit only one piece of work.

Video Genres : Not limited as long as the length does not exceed five minutes.

  • All types of video content including documentar ies , music videos, movies , promotional videos , campaigns, and animation are welcome.

Video File Formats : Submit a file in a video format , e.g. AVI, MP 4 etc., with a maximum size of 600 MB.

Video Title : (Date of submission /YYMMDD)_Participant’s Title

Not Eligible Entries

  • Works that do not correspond to the theme of the c ompetition or are not in the required format
  • Award winn ing works from other contests
  • Works whose copyright has been sold or is under negotiation for sale to an other or a corporation.


  • Submit your application form and video via email to
  • The application form and all other documents must be completed and signed before
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