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APA VOICE, 두 개의 이정표 보고서와 함께 조직 10주년을 기념하며 2024년 시민 참여 연합 발표 (영문)

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New York, NY — Asian Pacific Americans Voting & Organizing to Increase Civic Engagement (APA VOICE), a non-partisan coalition of community-based organizations that serve Asian American communities in New York, announces the launch of its 2024 Civic Engagement coalition in a milestone year that marks one decade of organizing together. It also includes our second cycle of unifying New York’s diverse Asian American communities for the once in a decade redistricting process. The coalition celebrates this milestone with two reports: This is Where We Draw The Line, an overview of the APA VOICE Redistricting Task Force’s advocacy during the 2020 redistricting cycle, and Driving Progress: A Decade of Civic Impact for New York’s Asian American Communities, a report that documents the coalition’s civic legacy and charts our path forward for the next decade.

This year, nineteen member organizations will prepare and lead a comprehensive Get Out the Vote program to educate and mobilize Asian American communities to participate in the 2024 primary and general elections. This year’s cohort features two new member partners that include the Metropolitan Asian Deaf Association and South Asian Legal Defense Education Fund. The 2024 cohort includes six founding members including Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice, Chinese American Planning Council, Chinese Progressive Association, South Asian Council for Social Services, OCA-NY, and MinKwon Center for Community Action. APA VOICE will lead civic engagement outreach in Asian American communities across New York State during this critical election year. The coalition will organize three working groups; policy, press and voter education outreach and youth voter engagement, to plan and implement meaningful and impactful voter engagement and mobilization strategies. Seven member organizations will lead door canvassing in target languages and neighborhoods across New York.

2024 is a state and federal presidential election year with critical down ballot races throughout New York State. New Yorkers will vote for the offices of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, NYS Assembly, NYS Senate, and a ballot measure that proposes the expansion of the New York State Equal Rights Amendment. APA VOICE member organizations will build, activate and mobilize our voting communities to participate in the primary and general elections, especially in areas where the Asian American vote will be crucial. The coalition will also dedicate resources in competitive elections throughout Long Island and upstate New York.

“MinKwon Center’s earliest origins are rooted in South Korea’s democracy movement, led by the brilliant organizer and pro-democracy activist Yoon Han Bong. He believed our rights, dignities, and lives can be protected if we organize together. APA VOICE was formally created in 2014 because it was needed. The growth of our voter base and rise in voter participation rates are a direct result of the foundation that APA VOICE members built on the ground, in the neighborhoods, and by doing the work that made those trends happen. We did this because our voices matter. As we celebrate our first ten years, we know we must continue our commitment for another decade. Together, we can ensure our communities are fairly represented.” said John Park, Executive Director of MinKwon Center for Community Action.

“After nearly 3 and 1⁄2 years of educating and mobilizing our communities to participate in redistricting, the 2020 redistricting cycle finally ended in February 2024. APA VOICE Redistricting Task Force efforts culminated in the creation of the first APA Majority City Council District in Brooklyn, first APA Majority Assembly District in Woodside, and State Senate District 17 in Brooklyn which is now over 48.6% APA. It is the combination of fair redistricting and maximizing APA VOICE’s GOTV efforts that empowers our communities to have a meaningful voice in democracy.” said Elizabeth R. OuYang, Coordinator, APA VOICE Redistricting Task Force

“We want to congratulate APA VOICE and all our partners on this momentous 10-year anniversary. As co-founders of APA VOICE, Adhikaar is proud to see the powerful growth of this collective. The 2020 Census showed that Nepali-speakers are one of the newest and fastest growing immigrant populations in the U.S. Through our partnership with APA VOICE we made sure that these new voices were heard. Over the last decade, we were able to raise awareness and encourage our community members to engage civically through voting, organizing candidate forums and more – many of whom were historically underrepresented. Through this coalition in deep partnership with others, we were able to accomplish a wider goal that intersects the vision and mission of our collective AAPI communities” – Narbada Chhetri, Co-Executive Director, Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice

“There is a direct link between the delivery of crucial resources our communities so desperately need and civic engagement,” said Thomas Yu, Executive Director of Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE). “This is why it is so important for AAPI voters to raise their voices and participate in the political process. Partnering with APA VOICE members, AAFE is committed to ensuring robust participation in this year’s elections. We are especially proud of our young leaders, members of the AAFE Youth Team, for helping to inform and engage voters in 2024!”

“2024 is a pivotal election year for our country and all New Yorkers. As LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights are being rolled back nationwide, Caribbean Equality Project will educate voters hyper-locally in Caribbean neighborhoods in Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park in Queens, Flatbush and Crown Heights in Brooklyn, and Castle Hill and Wakefield in the Bronx to mobilize Afro and Indo-Caribbean immigrants to have their voices heard. The ballot in November, if passed, will include a vital measure to amend the New York State Constitution to strengthen the state’s human rights laws. The amendment would prohibit the rights of New Yorkers from being denied based on their ethnicity, national origin, age, and disability, including

a person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, and reproductive healthcare and bodily autonomy. This election, every vote matters, and we will be working with the APA VOICE Civic Engagement coalition, comprised of 19 organizations, to reach voters through culturally responsive, civically focused community events, youth education on college campuses, door knocking, and street canvassing – all to continue building political power. This year, we will Mash-Up De VOTE!” said Mohamed Q. Amin, Founder and Executive Director, Caribbean Equality Project

“As the fastest growing group of voters in New York and nationwide, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a critical voting bloc. The Chinese American Planning Council is proud to celebrate ten years of collaboration with partner organizations to empower Asian American voters in New York City as a founding member of APA VOICE, a leading civic engagement coalition. CPC will focus on educating and mobilizing Asian American voters because New Yorkers will face critical federal, state, and local elections in the next two years. These elections will be a key opportunity to make our voices heard and to ensure our communities are included in legislative priorities.” said Wayne Ho, President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC).

“In 2024 the Chinese Progressive Association is looking forward to mobilizing and organizing Chinatown and Lower East Side voters to participate in the upcoming state and federal elections. As one of the founding members of APAVOICE we are excited to be part of a collective effort to develop and grow our voice so that we can be heard on the issues that matter to us.” said Mae Lee, Executive Director of the Chinese Progressive Association.

“As we celebrate the ten-year milestone of APA VOICE, the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) is proud to be part of a coalition that advances the civic engagement of Asian American communities across New York State. More recently, we collectively championed our communities’ need for full inclusion in the redistricting process, which has historically marginalized our voices. CACF is heartened to see the dedication and hard work of the entire coalition and our communities memorialized in APA VOICE’s reports and hope that they can serve, not only as a testament to what we as Asian Americans can accomplish when united together, but also as educational guides for future generations of Asian American community advocates aiming to defend our communities of interest in future redistricting cycles. CACF is resolved to continue working alongside our partners to ensure that the needs of our communities are heard and addressed in the political process,” said Anita Gundanna and Vanessa Leung, Co-Executive Directors of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF).

“As a community-based organization that serves immigrant families, Immigrant Social Services, Inc. (ISS) recognizes the importance of voting and civic engagement as powerful tools to empower and help communities thrive. We are excited to partner again with APA VOICE and work with the growing coalition to educate and activate our communities.” said Beatrice Chen, Executive Director of Immigrant Social Services, Inc. (ISS).

“KCMB-TV is committed to promoting civic engagement and voter education within the Asian Pacific American community through modern and innovative broadcasting media. As proud members of the APA VOICE coalition, we strive to expand our collective impact by collaborating with organizations that share our vision. Through this partnership, we are pleased to work towards informing and engaging more voters, thereby strengthening democracy. Our efforts represent a first step towards a more robust and inclusive democracy for all.” said Dami Choi, Founder & Executive Director of Korean Community Media Broadcasting – TV (KCMB-TV).

“The Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC) is honored to join forces with APA VOICE, embarking on a united journey toward greater empowerment and visibility. Alongside a coalition of leading organizations, we have developed a crucial report that highlights the growing power and importance of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community within the diverse mosaic of New York. As the fastest-growing group of voters in the state, our active participation in civic life is not merely important—it’s vital. This collaboration underlines our dedication to amplifying the AAPI community’s voice, ensuring it plays a pivotal role in shaping our collective future. We are committed to the ideals of unity, diversity, and the incredible capacity of our community to drive positive change.” said Jeehae Fischer, Executive Director of Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC).

“2024 is an important election year in the United States because it is a presidential election year. The Korean Chinese American Council will actively support the APA VOICE coalition and ensure that the Korean Chinese American community moves with power in 2024.” said Chengyue Jin, Founder & Executive Director of the Korean Chinese American Council.

“For the first time in our history, Metropolitan Asian Deaf Association has formed a collaborative partnership with APA VOICE as we recognize the growing needs to address key accessibility issues which Deaf Asian Americans face in daily lives in all walks of life. We know that poor accessibility can have a significant impact on the participation rate in the upcoming election. The collaboration between APA VOICE and Metropolitan Asian Deaf Association can help our Greater New York Metro Area community members to understand the importance of voting and can empower them to shape up and decide their future.” said Clement So, Team Leader of Metropolitan Asian Deaf Association.

“Muslim Community Network remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a Muslim-American community deeply engaged in civic life and thoroughly educated to contribute actively to societal progress. Our gratitude extends profoundly to our partnership with the MinKwon Center through the APA VOICE grant for 2023, a collaboration that significantly amplifies our mission. The Muslim identity is deeply intertwined within pan-Asian heritage and culture. Recognizing that engagement in the electoral process stands as a pillar for preserving our democracy and fostering a society rooted in inclusivity and justice. It is with great enthusiasm and honor that we embark on another year alongside the APA VOICE campaign, striving to expand electoral participation and ensuring that our democracy reflects the diverse voices of our vibrant community.” said Husein Yatabarry, Executive Director of Muslim Community Network (MCN).

“OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates New York Chapter congratulates APA VOICE on the launch of its 2024 Civic Engagement Coalition and decade of impactful organizing and electoral outreach. OCA-NY is proud to be a member of APA VOICE and stands united in our shared mission to engage and empower the AAPI community through voter mobilization and education, particularly in this critical election year. APA VOICE’s work stands as a reminder of the importance of civic engagement and building political power for Asian Americans across New York City and we look forward to working with our APA VOICE coalition members to make a meaningful impact in New York City and beyond.” said Joon Pyo Lee and Darci Wen Siegel, Co-Presidents of OCA-NY.

“Parent Child Relationship Association believes that civic engagement is the cornerstone of a thriving democracy and that it is critical for all members of our communities to actively participate in the democratic process. We began our partnership with the coalition after the creation of City Council District 43, Brooklyn’s Asian American opportunity district. With the support of APA VOICE, PCRA led an important door canvassing operation to bring important election information directly to our community members. We look forward to continuing this work in 2024 in partnership with our coalition.” said Nicole Huang, Founder & Executive Director of Parent Child Relationship Association.

“Congratulations to the coalition on the release of two new reports highlighting civic engagement in the Asian American community. These reports will undoubtedly have a significant impact and serve as a valuable resource, as we continue our collective efforts to amplify voices for a more inclusive future. As a proud partner of the APA VOICE Coalition, SACSS is dedicated to promoting informed participation and fair representation in our communities.” said Sudha Acharya, Executive Director of South Asian Council for Social Services (SACSS).

“Since our inception, South Queens Women’s March has prioritized building political power in our historically under-resourced local neighborhoods, beginning with our Census outreach. We encourage our South Queens community to become active participants in the decision-making processes taking place all around them. Our work centers empowering traditionally marginalized communities to change what’s wrong in their neighborhoods. To achieve those goals, we are a proud member organization of APA VOICE and are excited that this year marks the coalition’s 10 year anniversary. APA VOICE’s impact across the City is indelible, as demonstrated in its recently released reports. Our work with APA VOICE has moved the needle for our volunteer-run organization, especially when it comes to increasing the capacity and overall reach of our programming to promote civic engagement.” said Aminta Kilawan-Narine, Founder & Executive Director of South Queens Women’s March.

“True political power emerges when individuals unite to exercise their civic rights. Neglecting this responsibility amounts to forfeiting power. At Woodside On The Move, we recognize the significance of voting and civic engagement. Through our partnership with APA VOICE, we’re enthusiastic about mobilizing and empowering AAPI communities. Together, we’re committed

to amplifying voices and ensuring every community member’s vote counts!” said William Jourdain, Executive Director of Woodside on the Move (WOTM).

Full List of APA VOICE 2024 Civic Engagement Coalition Members:

  • Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Asian Americans for Equality
  • Caribbean Equality Project
  • Chinese American Planning Council
  • Chinese Progressive Association
  • Coalition for Asian American Children and Families
  • Immigrant Social Services
  • Korean American Family Service Center
  • Korean-Chinese American Council
  • Metropolitan Asian Deaf Association
  • MinKwon Center for Community Action
  • Muslim Community Network
  • OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates New York Chapter
  • Parent Child Relationship Association
  • South Asian Legal Defense Education Fund
  • South Asian Council for Social Services
  • South Queens Women’s March
  • Woodside on the Move
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