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Anseoung-Tangmyeon: the Ramen that will Perfectly Suit Your Taste! – Korea

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The product name Anseong-Tangmyeon was creatively inspired by the Korean idiomatic expression “Anseong-Mochum,” which is used when describing something that “perfectly suits your taste.” 

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Historically, the city of An-Seong (안성/安城) in Korea had been renowned for having many masterful craftsmen who made exquisitely customized brassware in the past; there is even a local museum for it! In the contemporary Western sense, it would be like ordering customized clothes from the great designers of Milano, Italy. 

Therefore, the name Anseong-Tangmyeon shows the manufacturer’s confidence that it can suit the taste of almost all Korean buyers as if it was specially customized for each individual. With more and more people from around the globe getting to know and enjoying Korean food products, I positively expect Anseong-Tangmyeon can become able to bring joy to not only Koreans but also many more foodies worldwide! 

It is recommended to boil with few small slices of shiitake mushroom, scallion, beef, and a drop of egg yolk.

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