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필라델피아 인콰이어러 편집위원회, 앤디 김 상원의원 지지.. (영문)

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ICYMI – Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board  Endorses Rep. Andy Kim for Senate

MOORESTOWN N.J. – Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Editorial Board announced they have endorsed Congressman Andy Kim for Senate in this year’s New Jersey Democratic Primary, which will be held on June 4th.  

The full endorsement article can be read HERE.

Highlights from the endorsement include:

At a time when public approval of Congress hovers near historic lows for its dysfunction and histrionics, Kim stands out for his thoughtful, caring, and measured approach. Kim supports core Democratic values but works to find common ground and produce bipartisan legislation on issues like supporting veteran-owned businesses, strengthening federal bribery laws, and sensible gun safety measures.

Kim’s calm and kind demeanor was also evident during a meeting with the Editorial Board, when he explained that he was running for Senate to “restore a sense of trust” in the American people. He said the distrust stems in part from lawmakers “turning their backs” on what it means to be a legislator and a public servant… [Rep. Kim] said his record of bipartisanship and getting elected in a congressional district former President Donald Trump won twice showed “there’s a different way for us to do our politics.” 

Kim said he would work on important issues that impact all citizens, such as lowering prescription drug costs and fighting climate change. As for Jersey voters along the Shore who opposed the wind farms, Kim said he listened to their arguments and was willing to try to address any legitimate concerns. His thoughtful response provided a window into how Kim strives to be respectful of other points of view while trying to find common ground. It is a refreshing display, rarely seen in today’s zero-sum politics.

But don’t be fooled by Kim’s mild manner. In launching his bid for Senate, Kim challenged New Jersey’s controversial ballot design system that gives machine-backed candidates an advantage. A court ruled in Kim’s favor, as he stood up to his own party bosses who initially supported Gov. Phil Murphy’s wife, Tammy, in the Democratic Senate primary. But she failed to gain traction with regular voters and dropped out of the race, thanks largely to Kim’s grassroots support.

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