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“새로운 세대, 리더십에 대한 갈망 있어”, 앤디 김 의원 MSNBC에서 밝혀.. (영문)

April 8th, 2024

ICYMI: Rep. Andy Kim on MSNBC: “There’s a hunger for a new generation of leadership”

MOORESTOWN N.J. – Over the weekend, Congressman Andy Kim joined Katie Phang on MSNBC where he discussed Speaker Johnson’s failure to pass aid to Ukraine or stand up to Donald Trump, the January 6th insurrection, and the need for America to show allies around the world that the U.S. is a reliable partner

The interview, which can be found here, also touched on how his family’s story impacted his view on public service, and how that would translate into his approach as a history-making senator. Highlights from Congressman Kim include:

On How his Parents and Their Story Shaped his Views on Public Service and Running for Senate

“Well, you know, my parents taught me- they said that service isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. They told me, you know, it’s not just something you do 9 to 5 and you hang it on up. So, you know, I’ve dedicated every minute of my career to serving in this country. And I hope to serve this country for every minute the rest of my career…I think in general, there’s a hunger for a new generation of leadership to step up and let someone like myself, that comes with experience in national security and foreign policy, to be able to step into this moment of such, you know, historic chaos and conflicts and crises that are out there.”

January 6th 

“What we saw on January 6th, it wasn’t just about one person, you know, and Donald Trump was certainly someone that instigated it, and we see him back on the ballot. But we have real problems deep to the bone in this country, and the fact that Donald Trump is back, it’s scary in terms of what comes next. And I’m a father of a six year old and an eight year old, and I don’t want them to grow up in this broken America that we see right now. So I hope to be able to fix it. But we have to be able to win these elections this coming November.”

Speaker Johnson Not Passing Ukraine Aid

“This is a failure of Speaker Johnson. This is something where we see the cowardice of him, unwilling to be able to stand up to Donald Trump, unwilling to stand up against some of the most extreme elements of his party and do the right thing for our national security. As someone who worked in diplomacy before, I always said the last place that partisan politics belongs is in our national security. And unfortunately, it’s injected right into the heart of what Speaker Johnson is trying to do, and it’s hurting our national interests.”

America’s Ability to be a Leader During This Time of World Crisis

“But when we’re not seen as reliable, that’s when our American leadership is on the decline. And so when [our partners across the world] see what happens with Ukraine, when they see that we’re not willing to be able to stand with them when they’re not asking for our troops, they’re not asking for us to risk our lives. But, you know, the fact that we can’t stand there with our European partners, it’s really, it’s embarrassing, honestly.”

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